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How to Make Sun Tea

There are very few things are as relaxing as a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea on a summer day. Since it’s currently hotter than fish grease outside, there’s no better time to brew a few glasses of sun tea. Let’s use the heat of sun to our advantage.

If you are not familiar with sun tea, it’s the process of using the heat of the sun to brew a few cups of tea. Sun tea does take a few hours, but the boldness of the flavor is so well with the wait. The longer it stays out in the sun the stronger the tea. I typically leave it out for three hours. I once let the tea steep for five hours and my family wouldn’t drink it because it was so strong. (Yay, more for me!)

So let’s get started. You will need the following items:

Fill your container with water, place your tea bags in container leaving tags out, sit in sun for 3-5 hours, add sweetener of choice, then pour over a glass of ice add a slice of lemon and a mint leaf or two.

Start of Sun Tea
Around hour 2


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