The Apple Camp Experience

My son went to Apple Camp! Apple Camp is a three day program for kids ages 8-12. Each session is approximately 90 minutes long. Camp is held at your local Apple store. When I was made aware of this cool sounding experience, I couldn’t wait to sign him up. As you can imagine, the spots fill up almost instantly. After a few years of being late to the sign up party, I finally got in!

The Project: Designing your Dream Park The kids were tasked with envisioning and designing their dream park. Their park could literally be anything. My son talked about his dream of building a large sports complex with a roller coaster, I mean why not? The camp staff encouraged the kids creativity but also reminded them to remember practically when designing their park. The campers had to consider restrooms, food stands, park hours, admission prices, operating hours and rules.

The Products: Apple products of course Each kids was assigned an iPad and an Apple pencil.

The Process: How the kids created their dream park.

Day 1: First things first, after check in, each kid was provided a cool green t shirt. After brief introductions and a run down of the program, the kids took their assigned tablets and headed outside our local mall. See their dream park was to replace the current space outside of the mall. The kids were tasked with taking pictures of the area to get an idea of how their park would fit into the space. They spent about 30 minutes outside snapping as many pictures as possible. When the kids were done taking their pre-park pictures, we headed back inside. The staff air dropped the pics to the parents’ phone and day one of Apple Camp came to a close.

Day 2: We returned to camp two days later. It was time to get down to business. The kids learned the apps they would be using to create their dream park. The staff went over all aspects of the app in great detail. After listening intently, the kids went straight into creating. While the kids were busy creating parks that consisted of slime, chocolate and roller coasters; the staff conducted a class for parents. The parents were schooled on family photo sharing and screen time limits. Now I would provide you with some of the tips and tricks that I learned, but my attention was adverted during the session. See, I had a little visitor during day two, my very spirited three year old daughter joined the party. You can only pay partial attention while entertaining a toddler in a busy store.

Day 3: Presentation Day! The kids had to present their dream parks to the group. It was so much fun listening as each kid went into detail about their creation. The parents were ecstatic to see their kids’ park was brought to life on the screen. There was even a video of their entire creative process. After the presentation, the kids were presented with a certificate of completion. There were pictures and smiles all around.

I can honestly say Apple Camp was a great experience for my son. The staff was amazing, they were fun and engaging. I can’t wait to sign him up next summer.

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4 thoughts on “The Apple Camp Experience

  1. It is so awesome that Apple offers this to kids! Looks like your son enjoyed it too. Xo, Leslie @SobeSavvy

  2. They have this in Atlanta but I can never sign up in time it seems like when they have it open it’s full within seconds smh.

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