4 Ways to Prevent the Summer Slide

School’s out for summer, but the learning must continue. My goal this summer is to prevent the dreaded summer slide. Summer slide is defined as the rapid loss of educational information during school breaks; summer/holidays.

I set out a plan of attack to help my upcoming third grader get ahead of the game with a few summer learning experiences.


Reading is one of the most effective ways to prevent summer slide. My kids like to read, but in the summer we turn it up a notch. My son is required to read at least 20 minutes a day. I encourage longer, but 20 minutes is the absolute minimum. My 3 year old loves her books and we don’t have any issues churning out a few each day. We’ve designated Sunday as library day. They are allowed to check out as many books as they want. During our last library outing my Little Lady proudly informed the librarian that she wanted 3 Llama Llama books. With my son, I use the accelerated book finder to help us select books that will challenge him a bit.

Dedicated Topic Practice

My son gives me some trouble about practicing writing and completing his Spanish work. I created a calendar that gives all of us some guidance on what to work on each day. We only spend a few minutes practicing. I use several methods to practice; online games, hands-on experiments, workbooks.


This one may just be my family, but we will sit down and watch a good documentary. I mean everyone is completely engrossed at what’s on the screen. My kids love documentaries about animals, space and the ocean. My son even had me watch a documentary about how paper is made. Documentaries are a great way to get your information without reading.

Trips to the Museum/Zoo/Aquarium

I remember going on a field trip and my teacher would give us a little pad and paper to write down what we learned. I absolutely hated it. I just wanted to have fun with my friends. Now I’m that teacher. Let’s talk about what we learned, write me a little blurb, what was your favorite part?

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14 thoughts on “4 Ways to Prevent the Summer Slide

  1. My kids have lessons Monday through Thursday and I allow them to be kids on the weekends which is kind of what they do while in school anyway. We gotta keep their minds on point all year long

    1. Kita, I do try to slack up during the weekend and in addition to the 20 minutes of reading, our lessons are only 10-30 minutes. It doesn’t take much to keep their minds sharp.

    1. All of these are great. I am going to add documentaries to my childs summer break itinerary. We do like to watch them on wash hair /style days.

  2. I am with you on the documentaries, I raised my girls on cultural and historical documentaries, never worrying if any of it went over their heads, and they took an interest and loved them all. It was definitely an education that stretched far beyond their classrooms, it also help shape them into the conscious, fearless, strong and opinionated individuals they are today. Sounds to me like you have an excellent game plan, and I love the fact that you utilize the library, I think many Moms use the computer as a replacement, when there really is a place for both.

  3. I always make my kids read during the summer! It has really helped them stay fresh for school in the fall.

  4. The kids are doing a lot of reading, I got them new books today and they were nose deep for a 2hr car ride. I love that that enjoy reading. My 7 year old is also working in 2nd grade work books. She does a few sheets a couple nights a week. My teen is in a Summer Bridge Program for Science & Tech so he is still using his school knowledge.

  5. These are really amazing ideas for the holidays. I love reading and I believe it I indeed one of the best ways to prevent kids getting too distracted during the holidays. Watching documentaries is an ingenious idea too.

  6. Yes! When my son was homeschooled we did a lot of dedicated topic practice. I love watching kids learn self- guided study strategies for life long learning.

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