Survival Guide for the First Time Soccer Mom

Let’s go back a decade. There was no way I was going to be a soccer mom. I’m not spending hours on a soccer field on a Saturday morning, watching kids with little to no coordination, run and bunch around a soccer ball. Now let’s cut to August of 2018, here I am, a soccer mom (I’m still cool though). I’m a loud proud soccer mom who looks forward to spending Saturday mornings on a field. I love it! It’s fun to watch your kid score a goal or block a shot. Youth soccer offers up team spirit and comradery.  Soccer is a great way for kids to learn teamwork as well as how to lose gracefully. It’s also a great way to get them moving and away from video games.
My crew ventured into the world of youth soccer rather late in the game, my son is 8.  Some kids start at the tender age of 3. For the first game, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why families were dragging wagons full of chairs, coolers, and snacks. I mean we are only going to be out there for an hour, how much stuff could you possibly need. We were foolish, we were clearly amateurs.  After the first game and an hour of discomfort for the crew on the sidelines, I vowed to be prepared the following week. Here are a few things I learned that I needed to make the lives of my son’s sideline support system more enjoyable.
•    Sun Protection – Fall soccer season starts in August. It’s hot as Hades outside. You and the family will need all of the sun protection.

  •    Sunblock
  •    Shades
  •    Hats
  •    Umbrella
  •    Tents (if you want to drag it around)

•    Hydration – I recommend you bring at least 2 bottles of water for each member of the sideline entourage.  I would freeze half of our water and mix them both in a small cooler before the game.
•    Snacks – So here’s the deal, the games are usually around lunchtime. Do you know who doesn’t care about the timing of the soccer game? My daughter, the threenager, that’s who. She doesn’t care that the game will be over in an hour and we will likely head out to get pizza or burgers. She’s hungry now. So, I pack a few things for her to snack on during the game. Nothing difficult, I’ll grab a banana or some pretzels to keep hangry tantrums at bay.
•    Chairs – We thought that we could just stand for the game, I don’t mind standing, but I do mind standing for an entire hour. Bring chairs people and make sure that they are comfortable.

•    Wagon – All of the people I made fun of during the first game had the right idea. After you load up the car or SUV (I’m an active member of Moms Against Minivans), you have to find a way to get it to the soccer field. Queue the wagon. Life is much easier when you can just dump all your things into a wagon. 

•    Team Spirit – Soccer is fun. The entire crew shows up and shows out for every game. We show support for all of the kids on the field. Turns out spending Saturdays is a great bonding experience for the entire family.

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