6 Tips for Working Moms Who Travel

I really love my job. As an HR Manager, I get to assist employees, use my creativity to solve complex issues for the business and serve as the link between leadership and employees. Occasionally the role takes me on the road for conferences, special events, and investigations. 
The thought of leaving my family for a few days causes me a great deal of stress and anxiety.  Don’t get me wrong, my husband is perfectly capable of managing the kids while I’m away, I just don’t like leaving my family.  
Luckily for me, I’m not a road warrior and only have to travel a few times a year. I’m sharing a few tips I’ve picked up during my career to help make your business travel a little easier for you and your family.   1.    Let go of the mommy guilt – Look, if you don’t work, you don’t eat. I know it can be hard when you are not home, but believe me, your family can survive without you for a few days. 
2.    Plan Ahead – I typically take care of the morning routine for my family. Before I travel I try to make sure that the morning routine is as easy as possible. I set out clothes for the week, ensure that transportation logs are signed (check out my Power Hour post for more ideas). I also make sure my kids know that I’m leaving. I circle my date of departure on the calendar and refer to it every few days before I leave. My son is a little more sensitive to the changes in his routine.  I make his teachers aware of my leaving, so they can monitor for any behavioral changes. 
3.    Remember the little things – I tell my son the same thing every morning. Have a great day, do your best work and make good decisions.  Before I leave, I make sure to post my message on the door so he can see it every morning. 
4.    Prepare of time differences – One of my last trips took me to the west coast where there was now a three hour time difference between home and work.  Try to make a plan to break away to talk about the school day or to give goodnight kisses over FaceTime. 
5.    Don’t forget the souvenirs – My son has a nice collection of snow globes from both business and pleasure trips, I always make sure to pick him up one on the way back. The family also collects magnets from each trip. Remember, you don’t always have to purchase items, take advantage of the free swag from conferences. I got a cool free flashlight during my last trip, my little lady loved it.  

6. Enjoy and have a little fun – You get the ENTIRE bed to yourself, you get to drink warm coffee and eat hot food, without little fingers reaching into your plate. You don’t have to wipe butts or snotty noses for a few days.  Once my work day is done, I love catching an Uber into the city to enjoy a nice meal at a local hot spot or hitting up a few stores for some shopping. If it’s in the budget, I recommend you find a spa and splurge on a facial or massage. 

Shoes from my mini shopping trip

Safe Travels!
Did I miss anything? How do you prepare your family for your business trips?

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