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Easy Last Minute Halloween Door Decor

I’m usually on point when it comes to decorating my house for Halloween. I put up spider webs, lights, graveyards, you know the works. But with only 10 days until Halloween I have not put up a single solitary spooky thing. Today at the urging of the little people in my house and good old fashion mom guilt, I put up a little something to get us in the Halloween spirit.

For the quick craft a trip to Dollar Tree is needed. I grabbed the following:

Items I had at home:

Steps: Measure the width of your door and cut the tablecloth to fit.

 Once you’ve cut your tablecloths to the correct length, fold the unopened side about 1 inch from the top and cut a small hole. I cut 3 holes in mine, one in both ends and one in the middle.

For your eyes

For brows and mouth

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