Why I Love My International Farmer’s Market

I really love my local international farmer’s market Nam Dae Mun. This store has earned its place on my weekly errand list. I’m always on the hunt for inexpensive fruits, veggies, and fresh seafood and  this place delivers. Nam Dae Mun is not a fancy grocery store. It doesn’t’ have all of the bells and whistles of traditional grocery stores, but it gets the job done.
Let me tell you why I’m so in love with this place.

Cheap Fruits and Veggies: Three cucumbers for $1, 8 limes for $1, tri-colored bell peppers for $2.50, and a bunch of fresh mint for $1.49. This list could go on forever. A few people complain that the fruits and veggies don’t last very long.  Ask yourself do you really want to eat strawberries that haven’t started to decay after 10 days. Fruits and veggies are meant to be eaten within a few days not weeks.This place also has tons of  items you can’t find in your regular grocery store. Nam Dae Mun is constantly increasing their selection of organic produce. The wide range of different and unfamiliar foods encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. What exactly do you do with a dragon fruit?

Fresh Seafood As a girl raised on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, seafood is basically a food group. We eat several servings of seafood every week. Nam Dae Mun has a large variety of seafood: fish, crawfish, shrimp, squid, live crabs, oysters and more. This place also has a seafood counter where you can get your seafood selection sliced and  diced anyway you want it. The prices and offerings vary from week to week, but you can always find something fresh to choose from.

International Pantry StaplesHave you ever priced sesame oil, rice wine vinegar,or hoisin sauce in a traditional grocery store? Many international staples can get pretty expensive. At Nam Dae Mun you can purchase most international  pantry items for under five bucks.
I highly encourage you to check out your local international farmer’s market. Cook something different for your family. Add a new fruit or vegetable to your weekly meal plan. If you are in the Atlanta area click here to find the closest Nam Dae Mun to you.

What do you love about your local international market? What new foods have you discovered?
Happy Shopping!

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