To Bed Little People

I would describe my parenting style as very laid back. I go with the flow on most things parenting with the exception of education and sleep. I know being the mother of two young kiddos sleep is somewhat of a novelty, but I gotta try.
I wanted to establish a bedtime routine very early on with both of my children. My son was a preemie and spent the first five weeks of his life in NICU. Thanks to the NICU nurses, when my little guy finally came home he was on a very well established sleep schedule. I had my daughter five years later and foolishly believed she would easily get with the program (she did not). I forgot I didn’t have those wonderful NICU nurses to help get her in line.
After much trial and error, I found a bedtime routine that works for my family. I learned  the key to any good routine is consistency and patience, a whole lot of patience. I came up with what I call the four B’s of Bedtime: Bath, Bottle (Boob), Book, and Bed. Now that a bottle is no longer needed, it’s just Bath, Book, Bed.

  • Bath: Since bedtime is at 8:00pm sharp, bath time starts at 7:30pm. If I stay focused I can get both kids bathed and in PJ’s in 10-15 minutes . (#fingerscrossed)
  • Books: I’ve been reading bedtime stories to both kids since they were in the womb. After a fun bath, we settle in for a good nighttime story. My son is an early reader, so I encourage him to pick a book to read to his little sister. He’s currently in a Dr. Seuss phase, which means we are a rhyming bedtime crew.
  • Bed: After a nice bath and a good book, to bed they go! Goodnight hugs and kisses are doled out, lights are turned off and the room is cooled down. I then tuck my sweet little monsters into bed.

I will sit in the room for about five minutes after they are down. Sometimes I’ll even play lullabies or sing a tune or two. At exactly 8:00pm, I exit the room, with whispers of I love you’s . Are they sleep when I leave? Sometimes. After a few years, they both know the deal, you don’t have to go to bed, but you do have to be quiet. So there you have it my simple bedtime routine for the kiddos. I would love you hear from you, what’s your bedtime routine?
Good night Ladies,

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